razer cat headphones

razer cat headphones

Razer Cat Headphones: The Purrfect Gaming Accessory

For gaming enthusiasts, a good pair of headphones is essential. But what if those headphones could also add a bit of fun and personality to your gaming setup? That's where the Razer Cat Headphones come in. These headphones are not only designed to provide high-quality sound but also have a unique and playful look that sets them apart from other gaming headphones on the market.


The Razer Cat Headphones are designed with a feline theme in mind. The ear cups are shaped like cat ears and are made of soft, plush material that is comfortable to wear for extended periods. The headband is also adjustable, making it easy to find a comfortable fit. The headphones come in two colors: classic black and pink, which is perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their gaming setup.

Sound Quality

Of course, sound quality is the most important factor when it comes to headphones, and the Razer Cat Headphones don't disappoint in that department. They are equipped with custom-tuned 40mm drivers that deliver clear, powerful sound. Whether you're playing a first-person shooter or listening to music, these headphones will provide an immersive audio experience.


The Razer Cat Headphones come with a few additional features that make them stand out from other gaming headphones. First, they have a detachable microphone that can be easily removed when you're not using it. This is great for those who want to use the headphones for listening to music or watching movies when they're not gaming.

Additionally, the headphones have a built-in volume control that allows you to adjust the volume without having to reach for your computer or controller. This is a small but convenient feature that can make a big difference in your overall gaming experience.

Do Razer cat ears work with any headset?

No, the Razer Cat Ears attachment is specifically designed to work with Razer Kraken, Kraken Pro V2, Kraken Tournament Edition, and Kraken X headphones. The attachment is not designed to work with any other headset model. The Razer Cat Ears are compatible with the Razer's own Synapse software which allows users to customize the RGB lighting on the ears. If you are looking for a cat ear attachment for a different headset model, there are third-party options available, but they may not be compatible with Razer's software or have the same level of customization.

Is Razer Kitty noise Cancelling?

The Razer Kraken Kitty headphones do not have active noise-canceling technology, which uses microphones and algorithms to actively cancel out external noise. However, they do have passive noise isolation, which means the design of the ear cups and the materials used can help to block out external noise to some extent. The ear cups of the Kraken Kitty headphones are designed to fit snugly around the ears, which can help to block out some external noise. Additionally, the plush ear cushions help to provide a comfortable and secure fit that can also help to reduce external noise. While the Kraken Kitty headphones may not offer the same level of noise isolation as active noise-canceling headphones, they can still provide a relatively immersive audio experience, especially in quiet or moderately noisy environments.

Overall, the Razer Cat Headphones are a fun and unique addition to any gaming setup. They offer excellent sound quality and are designed to be comfortable for long gaming sessions. Plus, their playful cat-themed design is sure to make them stand out from other gaming headphones on the market. If you're looking for a new pair of headphones that will add a bit of personality to your gaming setup, the Razer Cat Headphones are definitely worth considering.

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